The Real Danger of Varicocele

The Real Danger of Varicocele

When you think about known male concerns, the name varicocele won’t probably pop up immediately in your mind. This illness is caused by the accumulation of blood in the testes of men. These men are among those that had recurring problems with their circulatory system, and the lack of treatment caused the blood in the testes’ veins to accumulate and, with a little help from gravity, a varicocele can appear. A varicocele is an excessively engrossed vein surrounding the testes. It frequently appears on the left testicle because of the correlation between frequent bad circulation and the testicular vein in the abdomen, located on the left.

It is a simple condition, right?

The thing is, this affection doesn’t sound dangerous, right? Some people may think “Well, varicocele is similar in name to varicose veins in the legs, they may be the same thing! It is not such a big deal after all!” This statement is not far from the true, except for the “not-a-big-deal” part. While varicoceles are truly similar to varicose veins in the legs and feet, they are not the same thing, especially because of the location of the former.

The location of varicocele veins is very crucial to the subject matter of this article. The thing with varicocele is that they are very difficult to heal and it is unlikely for them to do so without surgery, in most cases completely. For many, it will be the case, and they may have a happy and fulfilling sexual life during all of their sexually active years. But some of them simply get complications related to varicocele over time.

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Incidentally, for some men having surgery is not necessary and it’s preferred to avoid it, for these men the best option is always a varicocele home treatment.

Among some of the most common and feared complications related to varicocele are mentioned below:

Recurrent pain

You may feel certain discomfort from time to time. For some people with a mild case of varicocele veins, this may be the case. They would feel slight discomfort from time to time, and for some of the undiagnosed men suffering from it, it may not even be noticeable enough to go to the doctor and ask for a physical examination. The problem is that this pain can be very uncomfortable for many men, to the point of making them wear baggy underwear or relaxed-fitting pants to ease it. This pain won’t cease until the vein is no longer a swollen, varicose one.

Male infertility

That’s right; varicocele can cause male infertility. This is one of the most feared complications of varicocele. Simply put, normal blood circulation maintained a regulated and desired temperature in the body. The veins around the testicles need a certain temperature to maintain sperm in them at an ideally low temperature. When your veins are swollen, the temperature rises, and you may have problems having healthy sperm.

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What to do when suffering from it?

There are many ways of alleviating pain and discomfort from varicocele. The person can place some hot and cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation; this can be done by placing a bag, pad or towel with the desired temperature under the scrotum to provide heat or cold indirectly to the veins and tissue that is affected.

Anti-inflammatory juices can also help circulation and therefore improve the general state of the veins. Pineapple, lemon, cherries, berries, and blackberries are great for this. Varicocele natural treatment can help some patients, especially if their condition makes them feel uncomfortable when walking too much or while seating for long periods of time.

Varicoceles are very common, and many men don’t even notice they have them. Some other may start feeling some discomfort and pain, and some irregularities when touching their scrotum. This is usually the moment they call the doctor, and while pain can be easily relieved, it is usually a little too late for sperm since varicocele increases temperature, and this may decrease the count of fertile spermatozoids. This is the main reason why either natural or surgical; it is very important to find the proper treatment.

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