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Plan My Baby Review – Is Prince or Princess Guide Really Good?

If you are looking for information about choosing the gender of your baby, then this Plan My Baby Review would interest you. Many users of the Plan My Baby Guide, also known as Prince or Princess Guide have appreciated the information and techniques provided by Alicia Pennington.

In this guide Alicia Pennington provides a 3 step process than can help you in choosing the gender of your baby. Alicia claims a success rate of 94% for gender determination if the instructions in the guide are followed properly.

According to Alicia the best thing about her techniques is that they are 100 percent natural, without any drugs, and without any risky surgery. It seems thousands of women have conceived a baby boy or a girl they wanted by following the techniques provided in the prince or princess guide.

What Will You Learn In Plan My Baby Guide?

As per the guide, the three simple steps that are essential for determining the gender of your baby are:

  • As a first step understanding the ovulation process and accurately determining the timing of ovulation can help in choosing of the gender of the child. The timing of the intercourse makes a difference to the gender of the baby.
  • The Prince or Princess Guide provides clear instructions for intercourse depending on whether you want a baby boy or a girl.
  • The second important aspect that can help to choose the gender of your baby is the diet. Sperms with Y chromosome require an alkaline environment and the sperms with X chromosome require an acidic environment.
  • For example a diet that is rich in manganese and calcium helps to have a girl. And a diet with sodium and potassium helps to have a boy. Alicia’s guide clearly provides you all the diet details.
  • The third important factor that determines whether you will conceive a boy or a girl is the positioning during intercourse. A deep penetration intercourse helps in having a baby boy and a shallow penetration during intercourse helps in conceiving a baby girl.
  • The exact details and the reasoning for this aspect are covered very well in the guide.

Who Can Really Benefit From Plan My Baby Guide?

Who Can Really Benefit From Plan My Baby Guide?

It goes without saying that anyone wanting to choose the gender of the baby they want to conceive by natural means is going to benefit.

  • If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on IVF treatment that can help in determination of gender of your baby then this guide will be useful.
  • If you would like to use a 100% natural method to have the best chances of having a baby boy or a girl, then Alicia’s guide is good.
  • If you don’t want to leave it to luck to determine the gender of your baby then this guide would certainly help.
  • If you don’t want to take any kind of risk that may be there with some of the medical procedures used for gender determination then this guide should help.

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How Accurately Can Plan My Baby Guide Help In Baby Gender Determination?

  • No guide can actually provide you guarantees when it comes to determining the gender of your baby.
  • However by following the steps in Alicia Pennington’s guide you will highly increase your chances of getting a baby boy or a girl whichever the case may be.
  • Based on various results, it has been found that the accuracy level of Prince or Princess Guide is around 94%.

What Has Been The Experience Of Users Of This Guide?

  • After going through various independent testimonials and user feedback’s we found that a large percentage of people were highly impressed and satisfied with the results they obtained after following the steps given in the Prince or Princess guide.
  • In fact we found that many users of Plan My Baby Guide were happy to recommend this book to friends and family.

Plan My Baby Review Conclusions

  • If you are looking to determine the gender of your baby by using natural methods then surely this book is going to be of great help. The book provides you the details of foods to eat, timing of intercourse and the positioning during intercourse that can help in determining the gender of the baby you plan to conceive.
  • With a high success rate of 94 %, this guide is surely worth buying. Also since the book comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, you can go ahead and try the book risk free.