Jump Manual Review – Does Jacob Hiller’s Program Really Work?

Jump Manual Review - Does Jacob Hiller’s Program Really Work?

If you are a basketball player or a sports person trying to increase your vertical jump explosion then this jump manual review is going to help you. According to Jacob Hiller, the creator of Jump Manual Program, anyone can add between ten and twenty five inches to their vertical jump by following the exact steps given in this program.

It seems even folks who already have a good vertical jump of 40 inches can further add some vertical distance by following this system. Although this appears to be a bit far-fetched claim, however in this review we will take a much closer look at this program and find out if the Jump Manual is really worth the money.

What got Scottish Communities excited about this program is the fact that it comes from Jacob Hiller who has been into vertical jump training for more than 10 years. It seems he trains players from college all the way up to NBA.

What Is There In The Jump Manual System?

This program has 3 key parts.

  • The first part is the workout chart, which provides you all the details to improve joint strength, muscle growth, posturing and other important aspects of explosion exercises for increasing your vertical jump. All the steps are not only there in the manual but there are videos that clearly demonstrate the steps.
  • The second part of the Jump Manual covers the nutritional aspects. Any training for enhancing vertical jump cannot do it without a good nutrition and diet plan. The nutrition plan provides you details of foods that can help you in increasing energy and stamina.
  • The third element of the program is the one on one coaching via email. This part of the training is optional and is required only if you’re looking for some additional guidance. Of course you also get a chance to get answers to some of the doubts that you may have.
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Would This Program Work For Everyone?

Would This Program Work For Everyone?

While the creator claims that this Online Casino program can help everyone, however truth is that this program is for people who are physically fit with good muscles and joints. For those who have injuries and other medical problems this manual may not do wonders.

Based on various unbiased testimonial that we read, it is clear that athletes and players who are in good shape can surely gain a lot because the workout plans are clear and have been demonstrated properly to get the best results. Apparently these are workouts that are proven to work as per some personal trainers and NBA coaches.

It seems the nutritional advice is not based on theory but rather based on results obtained by numerous members who have followed the system.

As regards how much of vertical jump explosion one would gain, this depends totally on the individual and the amount of effort one puts in. And lets be clear that not everyone who works hard is going to gain 25 inches of vertical jump.

Pros Of The Jump Manual Program

  • Well document and easy to follow workout routines.
  • Program provides weight room alternatives so that you can continue to train without interruption.
  • The one on one coaching provides an excellent way to interact with the trainer.
  • Product comes with 60 days money back guarantee.
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Cons Of The Program

While it’s an easy to follow program but only people with good physical fitness can take this training.

Program requires you to put hard work for few weeks before you will start to see results. Don’t expect to see overnight results. So those who are not ready for some serious workouts should not attempt this program.

Jump Manual Review Conclusions

If you are serious about increasing your vertical jump explosion then this program can surely help you with proven explosion exercises, only if you are fit and willing to put in some solid effort. Any halfhearted approach may not give you the best results.

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