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Homemade Energy Review

Homemade Energy Review

Home Made Energy Generation using Solar Panels and Wind Turbines that can decrease your power bills by almost 80% and in some cases almost completely

We wanted to share this Homemade Energy Review with you so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing renewable energy guides online.

We were searching for a renewable energy system for home that could help generate electricity without spending a lot of money on parts and installation.

Most of the recommendations online involved products and parts that were really expensive until we came to know of this guide called Homemade Energy by Bill Ford. Many people recommended this product.

When we first visited the product website, it was not all that impressive. However since the product provides a 60-day money back guarantee so we purchased the guide.

Basic Homemade Energy Review:

Basic Homemade Energy Review:

After going through the guide we were surprised by the easy to folly style used by the author. Based on our experience you should block two days for procuring the parts and installing the system.

This kit includes detailed information for generating energy using solar panels and wind turbines.

Any non-technical person can follow this guide to build renewable homemade energy. You don’t need any power engineering knowledge to use this system.

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We were also impressed by the excellent support from the product team. Most of our questions were answered in less than 2 hours.

The best part about this system is that it uses technology that is readily available and very cheap. We were able to buy all the parts for the homemade solar energy generator for well under 200 dollars. The parts for the homemade wind turbine generator were also well under 200 dollars.

Now You May Be Curious To Know If There Are Any Negatives In Home Made Energy?

Surely there are some miner flaws in this product – Firstly the homemade energy guide comes only in English language. So if you are Spanish or French you may have to translate the downloaded pdf document.

Secondly this product comes only in downloadable form and hence may disappoint some of you who are used to reading stuff from hard printed copy. However the good thing about online guides is the fact that it can be updated frequently.

Homemade Energy Review Verdict:

This energy kit can be used for any kind of house or building.

This product is clearly aimed at helping electricity “novices” and is easy to follow and implement.

Proven power savings of up to 80%. Clearly, a top rated product.

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