The Simple Tricks to Cure Your Snack Cravings

The Simple Tricks to Cure Your Snack Cravings

“I am on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it!”

Craving for something sweet or salty? Well, most of us have snack cravings middle of the night or after a strenuous workout. All your hard work goes down the drain once you start eating unhealthy snacks.

A food craving is basically an intense desire to eat a specific dish or food. You feel like eating a pizza on a sunny Sunday. Sometimes you have an intense urge of eating Belgian ice cream. We are human beings and according to Maslow’s hierarchy, hunger is just a biological need.

However, these snack cravings can lead to obesity and other deadly diseases. If you have decided that you want to lose weight then you have to bid adieu to the late night snack cravings! It is a result of extreme boredom and even depression.

Studies show that when a person is in extreme depression, they indulge in emotional eating. When you are bored, you just want to open a pack of chips because you have a sudden need for something salty and crunchy.

Cravings are the biggest reason why people find it difficult to lose weight. When you have a sudden craving for something sweet or something salty, you do not think about the increasing numbers on the weight scale. What to eat when you’re craving salt? How to control your sudden food cravings? We have listed some of the most effective ways to cure your snack cravings.

Simple Tricks to Cure Your Snack Cravings

1. Drink Enough Water

If you are on a weight loss journey and you feel like you are craving for a certain type of dish, just drink two glasses of water. Sometimes we just confuse thirst with food cravings. By drinking a large glass of water, your food cravings will fade away and you will realize that you were just feeling thirsty.

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Once you start drinking enough water, your food cravings will vanish and you will lose a lot of weight! Always drink a tall glass of water before meals as that would help you to eat less and burn more calories!

2. Eat Salty Nuts

If you are craving for salt then you can opt for healthy salty snacks for weight loss. You can eat salty pistachios and almonds. This will help you to lose weight and it will curb your cravings as well. These nuts are packed with protein and good fats. They help you to lose weight and they are good for your heart. Did you know that by eating a mix of nuts, you can get to live a longer life? It is true! Do not go overboard with the nuts.

Almonds contain potassium, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin E. Most weight-watchers include nuts in their snack time because it is healthy and delicious. It also curbs the unwanted cravings at night or after workouts.

3. Popcorn with Sea Salt

Popcorn is one of the top salty snacks and you can make it even healthier by sprinkling sea salt on top. Table salt is highly processed and not good for your body. Try to sprinkle sea salt on the popcorn and you would get one of the healthiest salty crunchy snacks.

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Skip the butter and eat air-popped popcorn! A fresh vegetable juice without sugar would be a great idea! It will fill you up for the rest of the day.


If you are looking for crunchy snacks recipes, you may want to opt for whole-grain nachos. These are extremely healthy and you do not put on weight by eating these nutritious snacks! All you need to do is take a whole-grain tortilla, sprinkle some canola oil and sea salt. Bake it for 10-15 minutes and get delicious whole-grain nachos! This will satisfy your hunger and you will get the most delicious snack. You can enjoy with some fresh tomato salsa!

Skip the cheese and you may want to top up the nachos with some fresh cut fruits like kiwi, apple, strawberries and cherries.

5. Healthy and Salty Olives

Olives are delicious! They are not just a great topping on a pizza but also a great salty snack. Black olives are low in calories and you can eat them whenever you like! They are easily available in the market. You can even buy them online. Olives contain monounsaturated fats which help in satisfying your cravings. The little salty olives contain fibre and the essential vitamins to keep you healthy and glowing! You will enjoy eating them as a snack!

6. Cucumbers with Sea Salt

Cucumbers are filled with water and they can be a great healthy snack! Before eating your meals, you can polish off a plate of a cut cucumber. Sprinkle some sea salt on top and enjoy the delicious taste! It is fresh and it does not harm your body. By using sea salt, you are consuming low sodium which is good for your body!

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You can add some carrots, celery and bell pepper as well. Make a crunchy salad out of it!

7. Smoothies!!!

Have you ever tried smoothies? If you have a blender in your home, blend any fruit with some yogurt and have it as breakfast. It is a great way to curb your snack cravings. It is the healthiest option which can help you to lose weight and be far away from unwanted cravings. It is easy to make! You can try the blueberry and green tea smoothie. It tastes delicious! Do note that smoothies are better than milkshakes.

Words from the Wise

Healthy savoury snacks recipes can help you to eat clean and curb the cravings! You can try making various dishes with tortilla. Making a quick brown sandwich with no cheese could be a great start! If you are looking for healthy savoury snacks for work then you must pack some nuts, olives and crackers. Crackers are better than fried chips! A bowl of whole-grain nachos with some fresh tomato salsa could be a great snack idea!

In fact you could get home an air fryer and cook snacks without a single drop of oil! Air fryers allow you to fry your snacks without any oil. It uses hot air and air circulation technology to fry the foods.

Say no to cravings because they cause hindrance in your weight loss journey! Start eating healthy and make small changes in your lifestyle.

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