Face Fitness Formula Review – Does John Socratous’s Program Work?

Face Fitness Formula Review - Does John Socratous’s Program Work?

If you’ve been having sleepless nights thinking about how to lose face fat to define a sexy jaw line and higher cheekbones then Face Fitness Formula by John Socratous may be helpful to you.

It seems this program has already helped thousands of people to get rid of their fat cheeks and double chin to finally define a sexy jaw line.

According to John Socratous it is easy to get a great looking body with proper workouts and a diet, but these standard workouts may not help you to get rid of fat cheeks and double chin.

It seems you will need special exercises and diet to get rid of fat on your face. According to John, the Face Fitness Formula provides a step by step diet plan along with some of the most effective face exercises that will help you to get perfect cheekbones just like the Hollywood stars.

John claims that it is possible to get results in just 4 weeks using his special Face Fitness Formula and by spending just about 15 minutes every day on exercises. This is definitely a tall claim and that’s why we decided to find out more about this program.

What Will You Learn In This Program?

What Will You Learn In This Program?

This comprehensive program is carried out over a period of 30 days.

  • The first week of the program focuses on cleansing the body to get rid of toxins and impurities. The exercises during the first week help in reducing stress and tension from the body and face.
  • The focus during the second week of the program is your diet. Additionally you will also learn exercises that will help your jaw line and also reduction of double chin.
  • The third week goes into more details about the diet and special exercises for the cheeks.
  • The fourth week is all about toning and firming up of muscle groups on the face.
  • The program provides you information regarding foods that you can eat and the ones that you should avoid.
  • You will also learn techniques that will help in reducing water retention from your body, cheeks and chin.
  • You will learn about the top mistakes that people make when trying to lose face fat.
  • Plus you will also find the special natural tricks that celebrities and supermodels use to define their cheekbone.
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What Will You Get When You Purchase Face Fitness Formula?

  • The Face Fitness Formula is written in such a way that anyone can easily follow. You can download the book after completing the payment.
  • You will also get an action plan for each week. The weekly plans have been created to detoxify, revitalize, strength and firm your face and body.
  • The package also contains a downloadable DVD that has more than 2 hours of face yoga training.
  • An expert trainer demonstrates each and every yoga exercise so that yoy can perform them correctly.
  • Along with the above main package you will also get the following bonus books:
  1. Beautiful Body Guide
  2. Secrets To Looking And Feeling Younger
  3. Delicious Sculpting Recipes and Smoothies
  4. Daily Nutrition Planner
  5. The Truth About Building Muscle
  6. The Top 12 Fat Loss Myths Exposed
  7. Lifetime Face Fitness Formula Updates

What Are Users Of Face Fitness Formula Saying?

  • To find out if this program is really effective we researched many testimonials from independent sites.
  • Few users felt that the exercises given in the program can be easily found by searching the web. However they did indicate that they had to spend some time browsing the web to get some of the effective exercises.
  • There were many ladies who got amazing results after 3 weeks of consistently following the program. The lost the double chin that was earlier hard to get rid of.
  • One user in a forum said that doing a lot of exercises and sweating can make you lose a lot of water from your face and this will reduce those chubby cheeks.
  • There was one person in one of the anti ageing forums who felt that chubby cheeks is more to do with genetics and you can’t do much about it.
  • Another independent user who gave a positive endorsement for the product mentioned that you will learn a lot of facial exercises from this program.
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Face Fitness Formula Review Conclusions:

  • After doing all the extensive research about this product we found that people had mixed results. Some users did benefit while others did not see much reduction in facial fat.
  • We also found that people who were dedicated and performed the exercises regularly got better results.
  • Truth be told – this program may work for some and may not for some others. There can be no guarantees with any fitness program as such.

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