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Daygame Blueprint Review – Does Andy Yosha’s System Work or a Scam?

Have you ever thought about the best way to attracting the hottest women during the day without getting disappointed? Well that’s what we are going to discuss in this daygame blueprint review. Actually I got a coupon code to the daygame blueprint video series free, from Andy Yosha.

That’s the reason I thought about sharing my views about this product with other people online. I’m going to tell you about things I liked in this program and also things that did not impress me. is a company run by Andy Yosha and Yad in England teaching men how to pick up women during the day. As per Andy, the quality of women that you can pick up in the day are much better than the midnight catches at the bars and nightclubs.

A quick look at some of the videos clearly shows that Andy Yosha and Yad know a thing about picking up women in the day. Some of the techniques they teach are just amazing and never seen before.

What’s Unique About Daygame Blueprint?

This program teaches unconventional methods for picking up women during the day. The videos inside the member’s area are actually from a 3-day seminar in England that taught men how to pick up women during the day. It seems people flew from around the world to attend this training.

Andy, Yad and other folks in their team did all this training in the field. Pickup artists and dating coaches from other professional companies also attended this seminar.

Another clear benefit of this program is that you don’t have to do any type of guesswork. You don’t have to remember pickup lines and routines.

Each and every step is covered in detail right from capture, attraction, rapport, seduction and ADVANCED daygame.

Once you master the daygame blueprint system to pick up a girl during daytime then you don’t have to keep circling the nightclubs and bars ever again.

What will you Learn in Daygame Blueprint?

What will you Learn in Daygame Blueprint?

  • The program covers the 4 phases of picking up women during daytime. All this is in the form of high definition videos. Here are few of the things I found to be very interesting:
  • The first video has an INFIELD FOOTAGE of an unconventional opener which when used will help stop the most stunning women in their tracks during the day and wanting to talk to you immediately.
  • Body Language Technique that will stop ANY woman, regardless of how busy she is or how fast she’s walking.
  • A simple but counter-intuitive line that when uttered will spark her interest.
  • A simple but effective conversational technique, to ensure that you never run out of things to say.
  • Which techniques work for the day and why tricks used at nightclubs and bars will get you rejected during the daytime.

The Cons of This Program

  • Although the videos in this program are of real value to anyone wanting to master the daygame blueprint system but I found that the product is a bit expensive.
  • Secondly this product is only available for download from the website and not at normal bookstores. So you’ll need an Internet connection to get this product.

Does Daygame Blueprint Really Work?

  • The techniques taught by Andy are easy to learn and implement. And there are some techniques most people will never get the chance to discover – trust me.
  • After watching some of the live event videos and listening to few recorded interviews it is more than clear that the techniques taught by Andy are indeed effective.
  • But let me tell you that these techniques will only work if you put them to use.
  • Guys who will use the techniques may surely start attracting the hottest women during the day.
  • But for others who will just simply watch the videos and not take action this program would be a waste of money.

Daygame Blueprint Review Conclusions

  • Surely Andy Yosha and Yad of know their stuff and are experts on daytime pickup. There may be other programs teaching how to pick up women during the day, but almost none of them present any live infield events.
  • After viewing the videos and hearing the success stories, surely this product stands out when it come to daytime pickup. If you’re looking for shortcut to dating models and TOTAL 10s then try out the product.