Breast Lift Or Breast Reduction – How To Choose Between The Two?

Breast Lift Or Breast Reduction - How To Choose Between The Two?

Women in need to reduce, reposition and/or reshape their breasts need to be aware of the range of available options of surgical procedures. Many women may wonder if a breast lift is included in a reduction or if both are required.

If you are confused regarding which procedure may suit you the best, it’s recommended to learn about both. After reading the basic information, visit a local surgeon to get free consultation.

Here’s some useful information.

Breast Lift and Breast Reduction: Primary Differences in Objectives

To select the appropriate type of breast surgery for you, you should first decide your objectives for the end results.

If you have too much breast tissue, a condition called macromastia, and your objective is to get significant reduction in weight and volume of breast tissue, a breast reduction surgery might be the best to achieve your objectives.

If you are basically concerned about your breast sag or ptosis and want to modify your silhouette, so that you can get higher, firmer and perkier breasts, but not smaller, you might be best benefitted by a breast lift.

It’s definitely possible to lift a breast without having to remove any tissue or change its volume; however, the breast sometimes may look smaller after this procedure because of its position.

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You can also get the breast volume reduced without lifting the tissue (generally via liposuction) but any reduction that is done by making incisions will also involve a lift.

Since every woman is unique, the question of breast reduction or breast lift is not completely settled. You may also be uncertain about how much volume you would like with your breasts in a more favourable position.

You may have breasts of different sizes (asymmetric). Or position of nipples may be disproportionate to the amount of breast sag. Or there may be a deflation in breasts after pregnancy. Your particular concern can be discussed during the consultation.

Breast Reduction and Breast Lift – Common Benefits

Though both the procedures are different from each other, they have a common trait: they are usually easy to get done and typically lead to a successful result.

A huge majority of women getting breast reduction and a huge majority getting breast lifts done report a high satisfaction level with their outcomes.

Women in both these groups often comment that they have a better posture and feel lighter. Also they both report that they feel happy with their figure and have an increased self-confidence.

Women in both groups are also generally able to hide any scars easily, even in revealing bikini tops or blouses.

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Women can even breastfeed after recovering from either of these procedures. However, you should consult your surgeon about this because every case is unique.

Choosing between the Two

Knowing the difference between the two may help you to choose the right option for you. You can then get a plastic surgery Bondi with Dr Naveen Somia that will suit you the best. Here are certain things to consider.

Breast Lift: It should be remembered that a breast lift is not meant for increasing or reducing the size of the breasts but it’s usually used together with breast reduction or breast augmentation. But it’s also used as a standalone sometimes.

If you experience one or some of the following events, a breast lift is right for you:

  • Your breasts are elongated or pendulous and flatter than normal
  • One of your breasts droops lower than the other
  • While not wearing a bra, your nipples drop below your breast crease
  • Your nipples are pointing downwards

Breast Reduction: This procedure is definitely for reducing the size of your breasts as its name suggests. You should choose it, if:

  • Your breasts are so large that they cause pain in your back, shoulder and neck
  • There is always an irritation underneath your breast’s crease, particularly in hot season
  • Your physical activity is limited due to large breasts
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Take an informed decision with this information and contact Dr Naveen Somia for breast reduction lift Sydney to enjoy the best results.

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