Anxiety from Performance how to Recognize It

Anxiety from Performance how to Recognize It

The anxiety of performance is a psychological condition recent widespread.

Many people who turn to Psychotherapy require help in managing and resolving anxiety disorders, often linked to performance anxiety.

The anxiety of performance is a complex emotion, sometimes it can be a difficult condition to manage and can give you many problems in life.

Often, however, it is neglected or unrecognized.

Performance anxiety manifests itself in different ways and affects different spheres of life, ranging from sexual intercourse to work and relational relationships in general.

For example, with regard to the sexual sphere, it is a hidden reality, but widespread, and it is the main cause of male sexual problems and not least of those feminine.

Whoever suffers lives in a constant state of alert and thinks he must always achieve higher-level results. It’s linked to poor self-esteem and the fear of not being up.

But, we see better and we try to understand what performance anxiety really is.

Like all emotions, even anxiety has its own functionality. It is a physiological mechanism, indispensable for survival. In fact, our body is equipped with defense mechanisms that protect us from dangers and threats.

The mechanism of anxiety is natural and takes over when there is an objective perception of an imminent threat. It is a universal and necessary response to our physical and psychological inconvenience.

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We all feel anxiety and it is not possible to try it out, because by not proving it, we would not be able to cope with the dangers and even mobilize us to solve the problems.

It is activated by creating an alarm in hazardous situations or in cases where increased attention and neurophysiological activation is required, such as before an exam or to pursue any goal.

The anxiety reaction is detectable by elevating the vigilance and functioning of physiological systems, such as increased heart rate, breathing and muscle tone. Moreover, you can consume Hordenine on a regular basis that will not only help you to increase productivity but also will improving your brain function.

However, at times, we perceive the danger perceived as excessive and underestimate our ability to cope, increasing the anxiety symptoms that in turn become a source of threat to us.

This means that when the alarm sensation does not correspond to a real danger to be addressed or resolved, anxiety becomes an inadequate and unreasonable reaction, which we call “performance anxiety.”

In these cases it assumes the connotation of a psychic disorder, which instead of being an element of growth and adaptation to the environment, becomes an element of internal disintegration, causing malaise and disadvantage.

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In other words, performance anxiety becomes pathological when there are problematic behavior or control rituals that can affect our lives.

In these cases, we are facing an exaggerated concern about our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and we feel a condition of permanent psychological discomfort.

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